Britney Spears Hebrew Lettering Tattoo

Britney Spears Hebrew Lettering Tattoo

Many things that young chantoosie Britney Spears has done have turned a lot of heads and certainly caused plenty of controversy. With everything from her recent divorce from Kevin Federline to her recent late night jaunts with Paris Hilton and other socialites, Spears is known to do things her way. In that same vein, Britney Spears' Hebrew tattoo is only one of many other tattoos the young mother of two has gotten throughout recent years.

Britney's Hebrew Tattoo

Britney Spears' Hebrew tattoo is located on the back of her neck. The Hebrew text, "מהש" is one of the 72 names which all mean "God" in the texts taken from the Kabbalah. She originally had the tattoo inked and either Spears or the artist made an error that she later had corrected as the original text actually had no meaning. As many other celebrities in the spotlight, Spears started ascribing to the teachings of Kabbalah about three years ago. While some celebrities are widely known to practice this sect of Judaism, few get religious tattoos to signify their new faith. Britney Spears' Hebrew tattoo showed up not too long after pop mogul Madonna took Spears under her wing to show her not only the ways of Kabbalah but also ways to cope with mega-stardom.
Other Kabbalah Celebrities

Madonna and Britney Spears are not the only celebrities practicing Kabbalah. Other celebrities who do include:

    Guy Ritchie
    Elizabeth Taylor
    Lindsay Lohan
    Demi Moore
    Ashton Kutcher
    Roseanne Barr
    Jeff Goldblum
    Ivana Trump
    Mick Jagger
Britney Jean Spears (born December 2, 1981) is a Grammy-winning American pop singer, best known for her studio albums, music videos, and pop songs such as “…Baby One More Time” and “Toxic.”

Britney Spears had Hebrew tattooed into the back of her neck in an act of devotion to Kabbalah, the mystical form of Judaism she was introduced to by Madonna.

Many people believed the tattoo to be unintelligible gibberish while many others have made silly remarks as to some sort of contradiction between the Leviticus’s prohibition for Jews to get tattoos, and Britney Spears who I might add is not Jewish, and getting a kabbalisitic tattoo.

In regards to the Levitical prohibition, there is no contradiction whatsoever as Ms Spears is not Jewish and the 613 laws found in the Torah apply to Jews only, and only to non-Jews within the borders of the land of Israel. l.

The tattoo is ot gibberish either but rather the letter combination represents one of the 72 Names of God (a teaching in Kabbalah), which means “healing.”